Alarm Call: Social Media & Organizational Crisis

As social media platforms continue to disrupt the way that news is consumed and how traditional media operates, its impact on and relevance to how businesses operate and communicate becomes especially important to understand and plan for. Last week, an alleged discrimination incident was caught on video at a Washington credit union. The alleged discrimination […]

The Jeffery Candelaria Show – Guest Interview

On March 4th, Leverage Point CEO Juan Fernandez and VP of Public Affairs Michael Barrio were guests on the Jeffrey Candelaria show, where the duo discussed working with legislators and lobbyists during the 2017 legislative session in Santa Fe and the lengthy, frustrating process of getting a bill passed. Highlights of the show included discussion […]

New Mexico Credit Unions Favor Breach Notification Law

By Roy Urrico March 23, 2017 With data breaches increasing, states continue to push for consumer notification requirements. Last week, New Mexico passed the Data Breach Notification Act, which New Mexico credit unions urged for four years. Paul Stull, president/CEO of Credit Union Association of New Mexico, said New Mexicans are safer with the passage of […]

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