Crisis management

Cutting-edge PR & communications strategy

In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile cases of organizational crises – often centered on data breach, public safety, and brand reputation. The ubiquity of ‘disaster’ that strikes at the heart and soul of organizational equilibrium is an alarm call for organizational mindfulness and preparedness for the certain eventuality that crises will occur.

And more often than not, they’re of the “blind-side you on an idle Tuesday afternoon” variety. As such, an organization’s public affairs and communications teams make up the defensive and offensive line you didn’t know you needed until you really, really need it.

The team at Leverage Point specializes in developing and streamlining issues, crisis, and reputation management processes and strategy to keep your organization’s engine operating at full capacity.

We craft and execute cutting-edge PR and communications strategy and tactics to avoid, mitigate, and neutralize the negative impact of pending or breaking crises. Every great success is the result of an exceptional team – without a team of skilled and plugged-in professionals, the consequences can be crippling. Leverage Point is that team.

What We Do

  • Strategic messaging platform development
  • Crisis Training
  • Media Training
  • Media Management

And More

  • Risk Assessment
  • Event Management
  • Internal & External Communications

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