The Jeffery Candelaria Show – Guest Interview

by admin

On March 4th, Leverage Point CEO Juan Fernandez and VP of Public Affairs Michael Barrio were guests on the Jeffrey Candelaria show, where the duo discussed working with legislators and lobbyists during the 2017 legislative session in Santa Fe and the lengthy, frustrating process of getting a bill passed. Highlights of the show included discussion about growing grassroots support for legislation and the importance of choosing the best legislator to carry a bill as a critical step to help get legislation recognized and supported. Michael took the opportunity to stress how important it is for brands to understand the audience/public they’re trying to reach, pointing out that, without a clear and strategic process for reviewing and segmenting demographic data to determine who your public is and what’s important to them, it’s hard to craft a message that they’ll understand.

“If you don’t understand your public or audience, how then can you really craft a message that’s going to make an impact or sway anybody,”  Michael Barrio

During the course of the hour-long interview, it became clear that public awareness and grassroots organization is the most effective way to educate the public about what your company is doing. Combining those efforts with a thoughtful and comprehensive media relations strategy and strategic grassroots and community activation is what really makes a campaign effective.

“That’s what makes Leverage Point unique, because we do have the ability to incorporate both public affairs and traditional lobbying into one comprehensive campaign – all under one roof,” said Juan.


Check out the full interview HERE!